Monday, June 29, 2009

Shareapic review- A Blog Review on Shareapic

Hello!Today,I am going to do a short review on a very interesting program that pays you to upload and share your pictures online!
This program is known as Shareapic.So,why is this program so highly recommended around the internet world?Well,obviously,they pay users for sharing picture but also Shareapic has increasing members with over 53,000 now,that means that your pictures will be more likely to be seen and thus earns money for you while you are working or even sleeping!
Lets now take a look at the payout and the features :
  • Pays you $0.22 for every 1000 views of a single picture.So,upload more pictures to stand a higher chance of earning more money
  • Pays you through Bidvertiser as well!Key in your Bidvertiser code and earn money through or by the clicks on the advertisement of the page your picture is displayed at
  • Link the pictures to Myspace,Ebay,Blogs,Forum as long as they accept HTML or Javascripts
  • You can create unlimited galleries!That means you can store your pictures online and thus leaving some space of your hard disk for games or music
  • Why bother using Free image host where they get all the revenue?Shareapic shares their earning with you
  • Pays additional money to you for referring your friends!Which means the revenue your friends' picture earns,you will get a piece of it.
Join Shareapic and get paid to post your pictures:


  1. It is a good site indeed! I am using this site and it is really good.Why not get money for your pictures?

  2. well yes its a good site for share pics and making money online...wonderful site which is paying for sharing pictures...!!

  3. I have joined the site and really I believe this site is far better than most of the picture sharing websites available.The payment rates are also better than others.

  4. Its good site but now but its dead.
    So, now i am use

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