Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Palmbux- A Must Join PTC

Aside from Neobux, Palmbux is the next best PTC(Paid to Click Site) available to join.

Palmbux has recently undergone a change and now you earn .008$ instead of .01$ for every ad you surf.This allows it to be cheaper for advertisers to advertise on Palmbux meaning more ads for you.There used to be only 4 ads you could surf per day meaning only 4 cents per day for your clicks and 4 cents for each of your referrals daily meaning another 4 cents for you.Well now there are more than 4 ads daily,sometimes there will be 6 or 7 at one time and in the next hour there will be 4 more ads so there are a lot more ads now and the price per ad didn't go down much at all.

Payment Proof

Payment Proof-1(Amount: $4.14)

This is a must join PTC and i recommend you all join it today.

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