Tuesday, August 25, 2009

HyBux- Join Now and Get 0.012$/click

HyBux is a brand new PTC that has just launched and is currently in its beta stage. It is a PTC with an original script that was built up from scrap and is has a great look to it. What sets it Apart is the fact that they are giving away a free Membership during the Pre-Launch. It is called Pioneer membership and the members with this membership earn more than Standard members. I recommend that you Join the site during Prelaunch just to get the Pioneer membership.

Click Rates of HyBux:-

Standard :-

Per click:- 0.01$
Per referral click :- 0.05$
Referral Rent price :- 0.30$

Pioneer Membership (FREE Membership given during pre launch) :-

Per click:- 0.012$
Per referral click :- 0.6$
Referral Rent price :- 0.28$

Premium Membership :-

Per click:- 0.015$
Per referral click :- 0.01$
Referral Rent price :- 0.25$

Join Today and get the Pioneer Membership :-

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